The BiomedRx Health Center provides elective services that promote wellness, peak performance, anti-aging, and life extension. Our holistic and alternative health practices help to maximize quality of life. We do not perform diagnostic or therapeutic medicine of any kind. Similar to a gymnasium, the focus of the BiomedRx Health Center is to maximize human potential. Our services are performed in accordance with the CALIFORNIA HEALTH FREEDOM ACT SB-577.

EEG biofeedback is another name for neurofeedback. It is a biomedical technology that restores the brain to it's natural balance. Sections of the cerebral cortex can become dysregulated as a result of traumatic events (physical or emotional), injury, toxins, genetics, ongoing stress or boredom. Neurofeedback helps the brain re-establish self regulation. This helps restore the brain to a state of calm and focus, promotes better sleep and control of emotional states, and produces a state of happiness and well being, improving the overall quality of life.

Athletic Peak Performance

BiomedRx provides holistic and alternative health services that promote peak mental and physical performance. Our services are especially valuable to professional athletes, executives, and peak performers of all disciplines. Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback is an electronic means of restoring the brain to its natural balance. This training is invaluable to athletes in high-pressure sports, where calmness, clarity, mental stamina, and increased emotional control are key to achieving athletic success. The 2006 Italian soccer team has attributed neurofeedback to their World Cup success. Elite athletes such as golf great Tiger Woods, Olympic beach volleyball champion Kerri Walsh-Jennings, basketball champ Chris Kaman, and major leaguer Brian Barden all use neurofeedback to maintain a competitive advantage over the competition. Neurofeedback training prepares the brain for peak performance. The results of our neurofeedback training are:

  • Improved attention and focus
  • Increased mental clarity and stamina
  • Better emotional control, mood, and a more positive attitude
  • A decrease in the rate of cognitive decline with aging
  • An improvement in the quality of sleep
  • Rapid restoration of brain function after traumatic brain injury
  • An overall higher quality of life

  • Neurofeedback enhances an athlete’s ability to access the critical mental/physical state referred to as “the zone”, where peak athletic performance seems effortless. This state of spiritual centeredness combined with physical agility and power results in consistent and repeatable athletic perfection. Neurofeedback helps calm the mind, and silence both internal and external “noise” or distracting thoughts. This ability comes in handy during high-pressure moments in any sport. Free throws while blocking out screaming fans in basketball, quarterbacks working under pressure in football, batters working with the bases loaded in baseball, all team members during the crunch of the final few moments of a game. These are just a few examples of how the brain fitness achieved through neurofeedback training benefit team-sport athletes. Individual competitors such as golfers, archers, boxers and marksmen also benefit from the enhanced cognitive performance brought on by neurofeedback training.

    The BiomedRx Health Center combines neurofeedback training with Biomagnetic pair therapy. While neurofeedback promotes improved cognitive performance, biomagnetic pair therapy uses pairs of permanent magnets to restore the body to a state of pH balance. This empowers the body’s own immune system to defend against virus, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens that cause pH imbalances and lead to illness. We have found the combination of neurofeedback and Biomagnetic pair therapy to be greater than the sum of its parts. Both therapies increase the effectiveness of the other.

    We invite you to experience the unique combination of therapies and training available to peak performers at the BiomedRx Health Center.

    Following is a list of the conditions and symptoms effectively addressed by neurofeedback therapy.


    Difficulty falling asleep
    Difficulty maintaining sleep
    Difficulty waking
    Dysregulated sleep cycle
    Night sweats
    Night terrors
    Nightmares or vivid dreams
    Nocturnal enuresis
    Periodic leg movements
    Restless leg
    Restless sleep
    Sleep apnea
    Sleep walking
    Talking during sleep

    Attention and Learning

    Difficulty completing tasks
    Difficulty following direction
    Difficulty making decisions
    Difficulty organizing personal time/space
    Difficulty remembering names
    Difficulty shifting attention
    Difficulty shifting tasks
    Difficulty thinking clearly
    Difficulty understanding conversations
    Lack of alertness
    Lacking common sense
    Messy handwriting
    Not listening
    Poor concentration
    Poor drawing ability
    Poor math
    Poor short-term memory
    Poor sustained attention
    Poor verbal expression
    Poor vocabulary
    Poor word finding
    Reading difficulty
    Slow thinking


    Auditory hypersensitivity
    Chemical sensitivitiess
    Motion sickness
    Poor body awareness
    Somatosensory deficits
    Tactile hypersensitivity
    Visual deficits
    Visual hypersensitivity


    Addictive behaviors
    Aggressive behavior
    Autistic stimming
    Binging and purging
    Class clown
    Compulsive behaviors
    Compulsive eating
    Excessive talking
    Lack of appetite awareness
    Lack of sense of humor
    Lack of social interest
    Manipulative behavior
    Motor or vocal tics
    Nail biting
    Oppositional/Defiant behavior
    Poor eye contact
    Poor grooming
    Poor social or emotional reciprocity
    Poor speech articulation
    Self-injurious behavior


    Difficult to soothe
    Dissociative episodes
    Easily embarrassed
    Emotional reactivity
    Feelings of unreality
    Flashbacks of trauma
    Lack of emotional awareness
    Lack of pleasure
    Lack of social awareness
    Low self esteem
    Mood swings
    Obsessive negative thoughts
    Obsessive worries
    Panic attacks
    Suicidal thoughts


    Chronic constipation
    Difficulty walking or moving
    Difficulty working
    Effort fatigue
    Heart palpitations
    High blood pressure
    Hot flashes
    Immune deficiency
    Irritable bowel
    Low muscle tone
    Muscle tension
    Muscle twitches
    Muscle weakness
    PMS symptoms
    Poor balance
    Poor fine motor coordination
    Poor gross motor coordination
    Skin rashes
    Stress incontinence
    Sugar craving and reactivity
    Urge incontinence


    Abdominal pain
    Chronic aching pain
    Chronic nerve pain
    Fibrolyalgia pain
    Jaw pain
    Joint pain
    Migraine headaches
    Muscle pain
    Muscle tension headaches
    Sinus headaches
    Stomach aches
    Trigeminal neuralgia

    Client testimonials

    Dick Gregory and Devin Lockett at the BiomedRx Health Center
    Dick Gregory and Devin Lockett at the BiomedRx Health Center

    If you would like to discover the benefits of neurofeedback for yourself or a loved one, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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    Neurofeedback in Los Angeles

    Neurofeedback in Los Angeles. Neurofeedback Therapy in Los Angeles. Neurofeedback Training in Los Angeles. Neurofeedback in Los Angeles, California.


    Neurofeedback therapy and training | BiomedRx Neurofeedback

    Neurofeedback therapy and training | BiomedRx Neurofeedback

    Neurofeedback therapy and training | BiomedRx Neurofeedback

    Neurofeedback therapy and training | BiomedRx Neurofeedback

    Neurofeedback therapy and training | BiomedRx Neurofeedback
    Neurofeedback therapy and training | BiomedRx Neurofeedback

    Neurofeedback therapy and training | BiomedRx Neurofeedback

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