In order to realize an appreciable effect from neurofeedback therapy and training, our treatment is sold in blocks of 20 sessions. Infra-Low neurofeedback is indicated for most therapeutic applications. One block of Infra-Low neurofeedback is required before moving on to more advanced treatments, such as Alpha-Theta, or Synchrony.

The BiomedRx Health Center offers Neurofeedback therapy in combination with Biomagnetic Pair therapy. Neurofeedback restores the brain to its natural balance, and Biomagnetic pair therapy restores the body to its natural pH balance. This combination of therapies is designed to promote wellness and maximize human potential.


Neurofeedback therapy $120.00 per session.
Package of 20 neurofeedback therapy sessions $1,100.00 or $110.00 per session.

Biomagnetic pair therapy $120.00 per session.
Package of 20 biomagnetic pair sessions $2,200.00 or $110.00 per session.

Combination therapy $230.00 per session
(1 neurofeedback + 1 biomagnetic pair therapy session)

Wellness Insurance Membership

For clients who are willing to put in the work for permanent change, we offer a special pricing option.

Neurofeedback training is more effective when multiple sessions are performed in close interval. This method provokes a permanent shift in cognitive function, and new neural pathways are formed. We have an often-used industry expression: “Shift happens”.

Our Wellness Insurance Membership fee of $1,000.00 per month entitles the member to one treatment session per day, Monday Through Friday. If fully taken advantage of, this comes out to only $50.00 per treatment. Wellness Members can choose either neurofeedback or Biomagnetic pair therapy for their daily treatment.

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